Who we are

Fine Counsel was founded in 2018, with a vision to become an Indonesian brand that is globally acknowledged as up to par with international quality. 

As a premium direct-to-consumer brand, Fine Counsel offers high quality goods with timeless design, ranging from sneakers to apparels.

As of 2022, Fine Counsel has served many international customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, USA and even Mexico

With the tagline “Walk With The Wise”, Fine Counsel also aims to influence the market with good values and counsels, through merchandise and the overall brand message.

What we do

Fine Counsel commits to only source the highest grade materials available, opting for the soft yet longlasting leather and fabric. You can be assured of the quality and reliability of Fine Counsel’s products.

We sell directly from the factory to the consumers, thus bypassing any middlemen and bringing our goods to a more affordable price range.

Fine Counsel focuses on timeless design and look, aiming for a longer wearability lifetime and withstanding any change of style trend.

Our goods are fully sourced and made in Indonesia.

Our long term goal is to source more sustainable materials, to contribute for a more eco-friendly environment

Our journey that continues..

Along the way, Greysia Polii, an olympic gold winner badminton athlete, fell in love with our products and in 2020 decided to invest in Fine Counsel and joined our team as a Board of Commissioner. 

In 2021, she introduced Fine Counsel product to Pak Jokowi, the president of Indonesia, whom then promoted it proudly as an Indonesian brand that can compete in international market.