Remark Baileys


The Remark collection sets us apart, boldly showcasing our distinctive logo mark. Through the artful integration of diverse materials, we achieve an edgy yet sophisticated aesthetic that captures attention and defines modern elegance.


    Mesh is a comfortable material that allows air to circulate, reducing the risk of foot odor and discomfort. It is made of a network of wire or thread.

    Thermoplastic Rubber sole is made from raw rubber that is moulded with pre-designed shoe sole moulds. The advantages of this material are the minimum friction force and durability on rough surfaces. It is very comfortable to wear all day because of the softness of the sole.

    • Do not store in a box or area that doesn't have air circulation
    • Do not wash soaked with water
    • Use damp cloth or non-alcohol wet tissue to wipe dirty areas
    • Occasionally use leather moisturizer to maintain its moisture
    • Use a shoe tree if you want the shape to last
    • Take it to a shoe care service for regular maintenance